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Chris Gayle revealed a big secret about IPL, why he did not play this season, ready to return

Chris Gayle i.e. Universal Boss is not playing this IPL season 15 but is preparing to play in the coming IPL season, but many fans had a question that why Chris Gayle is not playing in this IPL season.

Chris Gayle

Now Chris Gayle himself has revealed why he did not want to play IPL this time, how he was treated, due to how much Batamiji was with him, his mind got up from IPL. This report, it is told why Chris Gayle, who hit the longest sixes, did not play in the season of IPL 15?

Chris Gayle reveals the reason behind his withdrawal from IPL 2022. Chris Gayle has been missed a lot by the fans in this IPL. Chris Gayle had said that he was not treated well. Due to which he withdrew his name in 2022. Chris Gayle has played for the team of KKR, RCB, and PBKS.
Chris Gayle was not able to be a part of the playing 11 for the last few years due to poor performance and in the last withdrew his name from IPL 2021 citing bio babel.

Chris Gayle said I’ll be back

Although he missed the first half, Chris Gayle has revealed why he has finally withdrawn from the 2022IPL. Gaya | So I thought ‘Okay, after doing so much for Gayle’s game and IPL, you didn’t get the respect you deserved.

So I said ‘Okay that’s it, I’m not going to bother joining the draft. So I just left it like that. There is always life after cricket, so I am trying to adapt to normality.

The highest run-scorer in the history of the T20 league, Chris Gayle last played for IPL PBKS in UAE in 2021. However, once again Chris Gayle has expressed his desire to play in the IPL.
All set to return next year.

Chris Gayle has scored 4965 runs in 142 matches. Gayle has scored 3163 runs in 85 matches for RCB between 2011 and 2017 at an average of 43. Although Gayle was about to go unsold in the IPL auction in 2018 PBKS bought it at the base price. Gayle shone for PBKS for a few years but could only play 17 matches in the last 2 seasons.

Gayle adds to the excitement in IPL when he plays. Gayle has knelt down good bowlers with his storm, this year Gayle has been missed by fans in IPL, now let’s see which team Gayle is part of next year.


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