Dinesh Karthik will get a Team India ticket from IPL, has made a great comeback in last 2 years

At present IPL season 15 is going on and from this season there is a name of a player who is on everyone’s lips. Played the role of Finisar After which speculations started being made that now Dinesh Karthik will now play for Team India again.

Dinesh Karthik
Dinesh Karthik

Will go for the T20 World Cup to be held this year. Dinesh Karthik played Team India’s cricket for the last time in 2019, after that he did not get a chance, bad foam, flop in IPL but his amazing innings in this IPL were seen by all cricket fans. Although some say that DK ( Dinesh Karthik ) does not need a ticket anymore because he himself will fly the flight to Australia. She will cement her place on her own.

Although the list of wicket-keepers is very big but still the name DK is at the forefront of discussion. All the cricket experts who are there are not tired of praising DK and everyone believes that now DK should be with Team India in the last stop. Age doesn’t matter as we say age is a number, at this time the foam of DK is tremendous, you will remember when the Indian team was playing a test match in England last year, Dinesh Karthik was doing commentary and it was also said The cricket career of The Dinesh Karthik is completely over.

Will Dinesh Karthik get a chance in the T20 world cup?

Dinesh Karthik might have played for Team India, but IPL season 15 has worked for him. Dinesh Karthik has played 12 matches so far, in which he has scored 274 runs at a strike rate of 200. Apart from this, his high run score is that of 66 runs, and his average is 68.50, so Dinesh Karthik has proved himself in these 12 matches.

Captain Rohit Sharma has said earlier that some players will go for the T20 world cup. Although Dinesh Karthik has come suddenly in this photo because of the way Dinesh performed, it is believed that stand by a wicketkeeper or say that Dinesh Karthik can get a chance on the second wicketkeeper’s side. | Dinesh Karthik did a lot of hard work too but if you understand this whole equation, then Rohit Sharma is discussing Rishabh Panth, Sanju Samson, Lokesh Rahul, and Ishan Kishan, whoever remains on the list of wicketkeepers at number 6 and 7 No one knows who will bat, is Hardik Pandya fit?

Should Jadeja be landed at number 7, apart from this, Team India does not have any finisher, and Hardik Pandya is not fully fit. So that’s why Dinesh Karthik can be landed in place of Hardik or on Hardik’s batting order. Because of the way he is of RCB, he scores 30 runs in 8 balls, apart from this, the captain himself says that he should retire now but now seeing Dinesh Karthik, the enthusiasm goes out in him too. Virat Kohli bows down before him when he comes to the pavilion and bows down and salutes him. The performance of DK is amazing.

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