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Dinesh Karthik will play T20 World Cup? Former captain Kohli hinted! Spoke in praise of DK…

Former India captain Virat Kohli has praised Dinesh Karthik a lot and has given a big statement about his return to Team India. Virat Kohli’s statement for Dinesh Karthik matters in many places.

Dinesh Karthik

That’s why it is very important for you to know what Virat Kohli has said for Dinesh Karthik. Even though he has not won any trophy, he has done such feats, which will always be remembered. Like defeating Australia by going to Australia, defeating South Africa by going to their home, defeating England, all have been done because of Virat Kohli. So Virat Kohli still has a lot of importance in Team India, so what he says is very important for the player of Team India to know.

Dinesh Karthik is walking in amazing foam in this IPL. How many wicketkeepers are playing in one way? Dinesh Karthik seems to be performing better than all those wicketkeepers in the T20 format. Rishabh Panth of Team India, who is currently the number one wicket-keeper of Team India, is also much less than Dinesh Karthik. And Dinesh Karthik is playing much above them.

So can Dinesh Karthik return to Team India? Know what Virat Kohli has to say about this.

I am here with the best performer in this season of IPL, for me it is wonderful. I will not say that it can continue for a long time because it will happen and you are in that situation.
And I can feel it. It’s an honor to see your bat again. Thank you for helping us win. I am very happy that DK is clear about his goal. I can definitely tell you that in T20 cricket you have not only played RCB but I am sure many people will be impressed by you at the international level as well. You have presented a very strong contender for the national team.

You mentioned AB de Villiers and I think AB would be proud to see you sitting at your home in Pretoria, finishing the match for us and delivering the win.

This is what the former captain of Kohli Team India is saying. Performing so well so far here you are the best performance of this season. So it is obvious that the best performer in the IPL is going to be in the T20 World Cup in a few days, for that he cannot be ignored, and then Kohli is also saying this. Has presented a very strong claim for his national team.

When Kohli is saying this, that is, the board will have to pay attention to it, and it will not pay attention. So the whole country is asking if Dinesh Karthik who is winning matches for RCB in such a great foam and winning matches on his own strength. So his place is made in the T20 world cup. The team is also looking for such a player, and in this way, Dinesh Karthik is winning matches continuously, and who can be better than him.

Dinesh Karthik’s cricket career in brief

Let us tell you that Dinesh Karthik last played for Team India in the one-day world cup in 2019. He is 36 years old and he entered in 2004. Many times made a place in the national team and many times he has also been out.

It has played 36 Test matches, 94 One Day matches, and 32 T20 matches. The same bat is wreaking havoc in this IPL, leaving the Rishbh cult behind.

Dinesh Karthik has scored 197 runs in 6 innings for RCB in 6 innings of 2022 IPL. And got out once. And the same strike rate is 209.57. Dinesh Karthik has hit 18 fours and has hit 14 sixes. In this IPL season.


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