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How to use the red custom card in Free Fire Max

How to use the red custom card in Free Fire Max: Most of the gamers in Garena Free Fire Max prefer to play private matches using custom cards. Players need custom cards to perform such unique feats. Diamonds have to be spent to buy this card.

How to use the red custom card in Free Fire Max

The developers inside Garena Free Fire Max keep adding special events every day. As of now, the developers have included the OB34 update within the game. Room cards inside the game are for a limited time. If the card is not used within the time limit, then it expires, which is of no use.

Gamers can play private matches with their friends using custom room cards. This is a special opportunity for the players, from which they can present their skills. In this post, we are going to give complete information about how to use Red Custom Card in Free Fire Max.

How to use red Card Custom Card in Free Fire Max

The developers have included the room card inside Garena Free Fire Max. This is similar to a custom room card. Gamers can learn how to use Red Card in Free Fire Max by following the details given below carefully. So let’s know those steps closely…

  • Players have to start the game and click on the Custom option at the bottom right side of the lobby screen.
  • After that, the players have to click on the create button.
  • Select the Left Side Room button. The player has to create the room name and password.
  • Gamers can manage items and utilities according to their needs
    , After that click on confirm button.
  • The room will be created. Gamers can invite their friends and those who are not on their friend list. Those players can be added by giving a user id and password.
  • Inside Garena Free Fire Max Red Custom Room Card Gamers New Page can get daily login rewards.

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