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It is the job of the coach and captains to select the team, not the CEO…’ Indian legends furious over Iyer’s revelations

Indian legends furious over Iyer’s revelations: Former India cricketer Madan Lal attacked the CEO of KKR. He has also questioned the role of Venky Mysore in the team selection. Responding to an open forum organized on behalf of Indian sports fans, Madan Lal expressed surprise at the recent revelations made by KKR captain Shreyas Iyer about the CEO of his team, he also tells you about what he has said.

Shreyas Iyer

Madan Lal was shocked by the Revelations of Heran Shreyas Iyer

Madan Lal, a former cricketer of Team India, while talking on the disclosure of this Shreyas said,
I am personally shocked by the revelations made by Captain Shreyas. If this is true then what are the coaches and support staff doing? It is the job of the coach and captain to decide on the team, not the CEO.

Madan Lal did not keep silent on this, he reprimanded the CEO of KKR and is also blaming the team’s continuous poor performance. Talking about this, he further said, this is the reason why the team is performing so poorly on the field. Something is going wrong within the team.

CEO plays a role in team selection along with coaches

For your information, let us tell you that recently KKR’s captain Iyer revealed that along with the coaches, the CEO of the franchise, Venky Mysore, is also a participant in the selection of the team. Talking about this the captain said,
“The coach and sometimes the CEO is also clearly involved in the team selection. Every player takes it well and has put in 100 percent effort”

Madan Lal has expressed his displeasure over Iyer’s revelations. Because this year the performance of KKR has been very mediocre. Still, KKR is constantly trying to make it to the playoff, and looking at the points table, there is very little chance that KKR will reach the playoff.


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