India’s great player Dhoni did not give a chance in a single match but gave a befitting answer to the question

Dhoni The last match of IPL 2022 will be played between CSK and RR. Wahi fans are looking forward to forgetting this season and making a strong comeback next season. This time many players in the team did not stand up to the expectation, but you can guess it by looking at the matches of this season, which was very interesting from the beginning.

Dhoni The last match of IPL 2022 will be played between CSK

Seeing the performance of this time, many questions have also been raised which is going on very loudly between fans and cricket pundits, everyone wants the answer. One of them was also the question, CSK struggled so much throughout the season, but why didn’t he give a chance to the under-19 world cup winning young player Rajvardhan Hengergekar in his team.

Dhoni gave this answer

He answered the question asked during the toss in front of Ian Bishop by saying something like this. So that other areas of the game can also improve.

On this, Dhoni is of the opinion that the player should give the necessary time to polish himself so that he can be fully prepared and appear in the playoff 11. is.

Might get a chance next year

It is believed that this year or next year, this player will definitely be given a chance, by then they will be ready too, and maybe this player is going to prove to be an important player for CSK. Even if CSK is very good at making a comeback, keeping this in mind, fans are very excited about how this team will perform next season.

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