IPL 2023: The timing of matches in IPL is about to change, new season 2023 will start with a new time

IPL 2023: The timing of matches in IPL is about to change: As soon as IPL starts, cricket’s fever speaks loudly, now BCCI has made preparations to double this fever because the time of IPL is going to change now BCCI has made it clear to broadcaster, when IPL will happen Its timing will change. When will you get to see the match at the new time, see in this report.

ipl 2023
IPL 2023

The BCCI has informed the potential broadcaster that the starting time of the match will change in the next year i.e. IPL Season 16. That is, now fans will get to see IPL in the new time. The board cast is going to be auctioned but now the BCCI has made up its mind to get the IPL done at its preferred time, and now there is going to be a change in the IPL schedule as well.

IPL 2023 Time will Change

Talking about IPL 2022 in normal time, the evening talk starts at 7 o’clock while the afternoon time is 3 o’clock. Next year IPL matches will start at 4 and 8 o’clock. Apart from this, it may be less than the double header, it is being told that the time is being changed so that the prime time can be used properly, for the last few years the time of IPL was changed but now again. BCCI is going to watch the match for the fans in the old times.

According to the report, BCCI has informed interested parties in buying broadcasting rights for the IPL 2023 to 2027 circle. The BCCI’s preferred time for a double header is 4 pm and 8 pm Indian time. The same timing was seen in the first 10 seasons of IPL, where the afternoon match from 4 o’clock was played from 8 o’clock in the evening.

On the request of another 5 year old star sport broadcaster, the opening time was done a little earlier, on star sport, media rights were bought at a price of 16 thousand. There was a change of time at the behest of the star, now it has to be seen who gets the rights for the next 5 years and when and where the fans are able to watch the match.

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