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Md Amir will soon return to the Pak team, ready to return from retirement, and will form a trio with Afridi-Hasan

Md Amir will soon return to the Pak team: Pakistan’s fast bowler MD Amir, who was forced to roll back the pavilion by dismissing the biggest batsman of world cricket with his speed and sometimes his brilliant performance, is going to return to the Test cricket match soon. It is interesting that about 2.5 years ago, MD Amir just At the age of 28, and everyone was shocked by announcing his retirement from Test cricket.

md Amir  Afridi Hasan

However, at that time MD Amir was suffering from his physical illness. But it looks like MD Amir is planning to roll in tall foam once again. After a long time, he is putting great bowling skills in fast class cricket, there is a lot of discussion about the return of MD Amir because Amir has given indications about it.

MD Amir can return to Test cricket

MD Amir has said that although it is too early to talk about the immediate return to the Test cricket match. But you can never tell what will happen next. Things can change, for now, I am enjoying my game while playing for Gloucestershire.

Amir’s stream and speed became a disaster for the batsmen at the door of his best foam. But then after the England Mix Cofix controversy, Amir’s five years were wasted because of Ben, although after this Amir made a good comeback in cricket, Amir, who had taken a break from 5 years, never saw the old edge.

The return to Test cricket will happen only after a long break. And that’s why it seems the rich don’t want to bet on this in any hurry.

Returning after the break is not easy

I am playing after 3 years so it is not easy as a fast bowler, have not played fast class cricket in the last 4 years but I am getting better after the first game. And trying to help the boys and do well for them.
Before Shaheen Afridi was among the new generation of Pakistan’s fast bowlers, MD Amir was considered by cricket experts to be the biggest dangerous bowler in world cricket at one time.

MD Amir International Cricket Career

Amir has 119 wickets in 36 test matches for Pakistan, 81 wickets in 61 on-day matches, 59 wickets in 50 T20 matches.
Since his retirement, MD Amir has been playing in T20 leagues being played in different countries around the world. According to the report published in the English media, at present Amir will play three matches for Gloucestershire Count. After which he plans to play in the Caribbean Premium League.


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