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RCB got Green Signal, not just Playoff, IPL Final will be played for the third time in the year 2022

There is very good news for the fans of the IPL team RCB ( Royal Challengers Bangalore )and Virat Kohli. RCB fans are hopeful that their team will definitely qualify in IPL season 15 and it is believed that the performance of ( Royal Challengers Bangalore ) RCB continues to remain in the top 4 in the points table. In such a situation, it is possible that RCB will qualify for the playoffs.

RCB ( Royal Challengers Bangalore )
Royal Challengers Bangalore

But a special coincidence is also being made, today such a special combination is being made which if seen, can be assumed that not only the playoff but this time RCB’s title of lifting the IPL trophy, which has been going on for 15 years, can end. Virat Kohli may not be the captain, but the trophy of a champion team can definitely come in his hand, so what is this special coincidence, because of which we are saying that this time RCB ( Royal Challengers Bangalore ) can become the champion team of IPL. This report.

Winning in green jersey means a final guarantee RCB

Royal Challengers Bangalore In IPL season 15, cricket fans have already gone through a lot of reverses. But this season the fans of the RCB ( Royal Challengers Bangalore ) team of IPL are not waiting for any reversal, they are waiting as much as the title from their favorite team. On one hand, Virat Kohli’s poor performance continues.

So in spite of that, RCB, led by their new captain F du Plessis, is on the verge of qualifying for the playoffs. In the meantime, an interesting coincidence has happened like this. It is indicating that this time in IPL 2022, RCB ( Royal Challengers Bangalore ) will not only play in the playoff but will also reach the final. Now call it blind faith or an equation of figures, but RCB has played the match wearing the lost jersey 11 times in the history of IPM.

Out of which he has won only 3 matches. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) has won matches by wearing the green jersey. Has won in the years 2011, 2016, and 2022. The interesting thing is that RCB had traveled till the final of IPL in both these years i.e. 2011 and 2016, however, in both these seasons, it had to face defeat at the last stage of the title race. It is shown that the team has registered its 7th win by defeating RSH by 68 runs in their last league match.

In this match, where RCB ( Royal Challengers Bangalore ) made a huge score of 192 runs for 3 wickets on first batting, RSH’s team was bundled out for 125 runs in 19.2 overs. In this match, the RCB team played the match wearing green jerseys. RCB this was only the third match in IPL history, he got the luck while playing the match. Let us also tell you that this was the first time in the last 6 years when the green jersey has won.

Frankly speaking, along with good foam, the combination of Royal Challengers Bangalore is pointing to this. This time he will definitely reach the finals. Whether the title of victory is completed by reaching the final.


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