“Rohit Sharma should also do it out of the team Virender Sehwag furious at the hitman

Rohit Sharma The journey of the MI team in IPL 2022 has ended at 10th position. IPL’s most successful team had lost its 8 matches consecutively at the beginning of this year, after which the team’s exit from the playoffs is almost certain. The matter of dropping Rohit’s team David from the team behind this poor performance was not digested by Virender Sehwag, former player of the Indian cricket team.

Rohit Sharma should also do it out of the team Virender Sehwag furious at the
Rohit Sharma

So in the last match of mi, when team David in front of Delhi scored runs at above 300 strike rate and brought the match from defeat to victory. After that Virender Sehwag gave a very big reaction about this on a youtube channel.

Virender Sehwag lashed out at Rohit Sharma

The team of mi had associated Tim David with the team with a huge price of 8.25 crores. But when the matches started, then captain Rohit gave him a chance in only two matches and got him out of the team. After which Tim David played a good role in mi’s match win, but captain Rohit could not use him well.

That’s why Virender Sehwag said that when the player should not be given a place in playing 11. Then why gold was added in the mega auction, if Rohit had used them well then he could have been a surprise package for the team.

Had to drop for performance, Rohit would have dropped himself.

Virender Sehwag said on this show on youtube that

“I feel like mi had too much expectation from Tim David. But players should be given opportunities for these expectations. I think a player should be given enough chances in the team before he drops The player himself should say that now it is not happening to him.

Not only this, Virender Sehwag did not stop here. Mi and Rohit are furious after not using Tim David properly. Virender Sehwag said

“If Tim David had to drop after playing 2 matches, then mi should have dropped Rohit as well. He should have been dropped too. He didn’t do the whole season. He scored 30-40 runs and didn’t win any matches.” Whereas Tim David took a short but match-winning victory.

Ajay Jadeja said mi team should have seen trust in Tim David

On the one hand, former player Ajay Jadeja has also asked Tim David to give a chance that the player of mi should have seen trust in the player. Ajay Jadeja said that
“Mi’s Tim David had to show confidence. Which he didn’t show. It would have proved to be a surprise package for mi. Why did he join the team by spending crores if he didn’t give him only”

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